Registration Date 8 Sep 2014

High temperature resistant heat insulation and preservation coating


Construction Masonry Materials Product Number : GD-1



High temperature kiln chamber, the high temperature pipe, low temperature cold storage pipeline, etc
Pipe Hearth Kiln chamber


1. Brushing the surface of high pipe, equipment, hearth (inside &outside), heat radiation and heat loss can be decreased. 2. Adhesion: strong sticky, with good adhesion. 3. Scalability: prevent expansion and contraction of base material for cool & heat, with good tensile strength and flexibility. 4. Environment: at room temperature, without odour at room temperature and high temperature, not dispose, not contain harmful material composition. 5. Stability: stead Chemical performance, not react with other material, not be affected by acid, alkali. 6. Abrasive resistance: Ceramic particle is tight, aggrandizement solvent wear-resisting strength is 3 ~ 4 times than common steel 7. Tenacity: It can prevent the rupture during the applying. 8. Hardness: 6H. 9. Anti-corrosion property :There is no chlorine ion in the coating, so can prevent or in the process of wet chloride and sulfide in air l can’t contact the metal surface to get good anticorrosion for metal surface 10. Fire retard effect: non inflammable. things with the coating can be barbecued and deform and inflammable, the surface can be protected.

Chemical Stability Flexibility Mechanical Resistance Non-toxic Thermal Insulation Alkali Resistance Corrosion resistance Fireproof High Adhesion Acid Resistance Scalability Tenacity