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Reti Age Antiaging Serum


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Skin serum


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Q10 (Vitamin C and E)



Powerful anti-ageing action and excellent tolerance thanks to its 3-Retinol System of sustained release. Retinoids stimulate the proliferation of keratinocytes, normalise the exfoliation process and improve skin texture and tone. The combination with other active ingredients like hydrolysed hyaluronic acid or growth factor TGF-B2 enhances the effects, at the same time improving tolerance. 3-Retinol System. The perfect balance: maximum efficiency with high tolerance. Combines 3 retinoids encapsulated in lipid bubbles in order to protect the oxidation active ingredient and increase its efficiency. The 3 molecules act at different speeds to provide an ideal gradual dose of the active ingredient. In this way therapeutic levels of retinoid are reached for a prolonged period and the secondary effects associated with an excess of the active ingre- dient are reduced. Further benefits offered by other active ingre- dients in the line: - Evens out skin tone: Vitamin C. - Anti-oxidant effect: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, ergothioneine, pterostilbene - Anti wrinkle: Mimetic peptides, growth factor TGF-B2, coenzyme Q10. - - Calming and anti-inflammatory: Boswellic acids - Anti bags and shadows (around the eyes): chestnut extract, alpha arbutin, pinadediol, camphanediol.

Anti-wrinkle Anti-aging Anti-oxidant

Manufacturer's Description

To prevent and correct the signs of skin ageing caused primarily by chronological ageing: expression lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity, brightness and tone. All skin types. Base treatment to enhance results.