Registration Date 8 Sep 2014

Transparent anti-static coating with high hardness


Construction Masonry Materials Product Number : PTT-7Y40



Applied in photoluminescence LCD display, electrol-uminescent lamps and displays, reflective color liquid crystal display, plasma display panels, polymer dispersed liquid crystal optical switches, suspended devices, electrochromic displays and other devices In the manufacter anti-reflective, anti-static transparent conductive film glass. For cathode-ray tubes and flat panel display monitors, color TVs and high-resolution color TV screen cover, the picture frame glass, solar panels, optical instruments, optical lenses, car glare filter, auto dial and display boards. played roles as follows separately, glare, anti-reflection, reducing eye fatigue, enhance vision, improve the efficiency of human intercom and reducing the role of electromagnetic radiation In building glass, for good appearance and energy efficiency.
Optics Glass Solar cells Filters Electrical installation LCD display Electrol-uminescent lamps Electrol-uminescent displays Reflective color liquid crystal display Plasma display panels Polymer dispersed liquid crystal optical switches Electrochromic displays TV Monitors


PTT-7Y40 is a high hardness-drying transparent antistatic coating, surface resistivity 1108Ωcm, coating hardness 2H, wear-resistant, anti-Injuries, has excellent adhesion, flexibility, high impact strength and transparency, are not subject to influence of humidity and temperature, is the permanent of long-term prevention. Electrostatic paint, resistance and stability, not afraid of acid or alkali, not afraid of water, low cost, and easy to application

Anti-reflective Chemical Stability Flexibility Mechanical Resistance Transparency Easy to Apply Cost Effective Alkali Resistance Anti-static Long-term stability High Adhesion Acid Resistance Human Intercom Improvement Anti-inflammatory Waterproof