Registration Date 8 Sep 2014

Transparent self-purification glass coating


Construction Masonry Materials Product Number : JK-1



1. All kinds transparent things, such as glass 2. Metal, hard alloy products, etc. 3. Internal Wall, furniture surface, it can be coated on the surface of the coating of wall and the furniture coating. 4. Wall paper, sofa and other products 5. Leather product , paper products 6. Marble, artificial stone. decorating sheet. artificial sheet 7. The glass of Car window, sofa, decorating things.
Marbles Stone Glass Metals Windows Walls Sofas Leather Home Paper Car


1. Easy application, for the surface of all kind of building glass and furniture. 2. Safe & environment friendly, no pollution, no-toxic. 3. Long term, the function works as the coating is not destroyed

Transparency Durability Easy to Apply Self-purification

Manufacturer's Description

The electronic and cavities will appear on the surface of TIO2 during Photocatalyst works, then the cavities oxide the water into oxygen free radical adhesing on the surface of TIO2. And the oxygen will become super oxidation ion.oxygen free radical and super oxidation ion decompose ITO2. It also can be said photocatalyst makes TiO2 work by deoxidation of electronic and oxidability of cavities.The oxidation reduction will be going repeatedly on the surface with photocatalyst , During the process of environment purifying, the oxygen and water actively participate the process.