Registration Date 28 Dec 2015

Nano Energizer Small Engine(30 x small nano pouches)


Automotive Auto Additives Product Number : AIOS

Oil Additive


Manufacturer Asserted

Zirconium dioxide

ZrO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1314-23-4


for any Petrol, Diesel or LPG engine with a 4-10 litre oil capacity. Includes Turbo Engines, Race Cars, Tractors, Trucks, heavy machinery etc.. for large trucks use 2 pouches for trucks with 20 litre oil capacity 3 for 30 litre and so on. Small Engine - for any Motorbike, Automatic Transmission gearbox, diff, Power steering, Lawnmower, Generator, Compressor/bearings etc.
Truck Generator Bearings Diesel Engine Compressor Petrol engines Heavy machinery engines Gearbox Turbo-charged engines Tractors


Fuel savings up to 8-21 %(up to 40% in idle mode) 5 times lowered noise and vibration levels Restores friction surfaces and protects against wear 100 times reduction of the friction coefficient Increased oil pressure & great combustibility Brings engine power up to 100% 3-9 times reduction in CO and CH in the exhaust reduced fuel consumption increased power output reduced noise and vibration reduced oil burning reduced air pollution.

Wear Resistance Friction Resistance Noise Reduction Energy Consumption Reduction Engine Vibration Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

By applying suitable ceramic coating, the efficiency of an Internal Combustion Engine can be increased. Higher efficiency of the engine is reflected in improved performance such as reduced fuel consumption, increased power output, reduced noise and vibration, reduced oil burning, and reduced air pollution. The ceramic material used for engine coating needs to have a low thermal conductivity; high temperature stability; matched thermal expansion coefficient with bonded metal; high wear- and corrosion-resistance; and the capability for form a durable bond with metal.