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Fuel Filter


Diesel Engines
Diesel Engine


• Best capture and retention of injector damaging contaminants • Best performance in heavy-duty environments (inferior filters can “slough” contaminant during engine vibration) • Best available fuel filtration media – Synteq XP™ • Best protection for today’s sophisticated injectors HPCR injectors • Prevent unscheduled downtime • Save on costly component replacement • Improve fuel economy • Protect your investment with confidence

Environmentally Friendly Energy Consumption Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

Donaldson Blue™ lube filters with Synteq™ media reduce oil consumption, increase engineprotection and reduce operating costs. They provide the optimal balance of efficiency,capacity and restriction, and remove more than 90% of contaminants that are 10 micronsor larger, compared to 50% or less for typical cellulose filters. At the same time, they delivernearly double the contaminant carrying capacity of standard cellulose filters. Fully syntheticSynteq media also delivers lower restriction to provide maximum oil flow. Donaldson Bluelube filters are designed specifically to provide longer filter life – a critical component of anyextended filter maintenance program.Proven and proprietary Ultra-Web® technology delivers longer filter life, cleaner air and greater cost savings than other types of cartridge filter media. Made with an electrospinning process that produces a very fine, continuous, resilient fiber of 0.2-0.3 micron in diameter, Ultra-Web forms a permanent nanofiber web with very fine interfiber spaces that trap dust on the surface of the media.Donaldson Blue filters with Synteq XP™ nanofiber media offer best-in-class contaminantcapture and containment. Tests have proven that they deliver fuel that is 4x CLEANERthan competitors’ best filters. Clean fuel minimizes expensive repairs and unplanneddowntime – it’s better for high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel systems, includinginjectors, pumps, and engines.