Registration Date 8 Sep 2014

Colorless transparent self cleaning coating (hydrophilic)


Construction Masonry Materials Product Number : CQ-101



1.All kinds of building glass: building glass wall, glass of building windows and doors , decorative glass of building 2.Vehicle, train glass: Front and rear windshield and window of vehicle and train, wing mirror of vehicle 3.All kinds of Billboards, solar glass
Plastics Marbles Glass Mirror Metals Door Windows Tiles Home Car Train Billboard Solar glass


1. Colorless, transparent, and visibility and transparency, completely invisible. 2. Environment friendly. no-toxic, no pollution. 3. Easy construction method: Spray or brush, easy operation, no need special instruments. 4. Rapidly form film, fast action, the product can be sprayed and brushed on the surface of metals, glass, Marble, tile, plastic products and so on. The hard and durable nano protecting film with anti-water, hydrophilic, self-clean and anti-fog is formed within several minutes 5. Unique nano protecting film has super hydrophilic and self-cleaning function that water can form an even film rapidly, and bring away the surface pollution, so the surface will keep clean. 6.Hard and durable, it can last at least 1 year after spraying one time.

Anti-fog Anti-pollution Hydrophile Non-toxic Self-cleaning Transparency Durability Environmentally Friendly Waterproof