Registration Date 8 Sep 2014

Transparent water based self cleaning coating (hydrophobic)


Construction Masonry Materials Product Number : CS-W



1. Used on all kinds of glass, marble, plastic, metal, wood, paint surface. 2. Used on automobile windshield, side windshield, the rearview mirror surface, guarantee the rainy day glass still keep good sight. 3. Used in the marble baths, toilet, ceramic tile, glass and other coating surface achieve easily wash clean. 4. Used in toilet, wash one’s hands, fittings, furniture, floor, curtain, carpet, wall paper, children’s toys, mobile phones, computers, refrigerator, air conditioning and the surface can maintain long-term clean
Ceramic industry Paint Plastics Marbles Metals Windshields Carpet Curtain Tiles Toilets Wood Refrigerator Car Air-conditioners Mobile phone Computers


1. Safety, environmental protection, no volatile substance. 2. Spraying, curtain coating, brush all can realize the ideal self cleaning, nursing function. 3. At normal temperature can construction, after several minutes can be effective. 4. Super water proof function, drip in coating surface fell quickly like fell on the lotus leaf. 5. Smooth coating surface, dirt and besmirch hard attached, make the coating surface extremely easy clean. 6. Long lasting, spraying a long effective.

Self-cleaning Durability Smooth Appearance Water-based Waterproof