Registration Date 8 Sep 2014

Colorless transparent antibacterial self cleaning coatings (Hydrophobic)


Construction Masonry Materials Product Number : CSK-100



1. Widely used in hospitals, schools, subway, bus and all kinds of other public places. 2. Widely used for various kitchen cabinets, toilet clean, baths metope ground environment, etc. 3. Widely used in automobile cabin of the ceiling and floor, padded surface, achieve long-term sterilization except taste function. 4. Widely used in all kinds of ceramic tile, marble, glass and other coating surface achieve antibacterial consecrated themselves. 5. Widely used in toilet, wash one’s hands, fittings, furniture, floor, curtain, carpet, wall paper, children’s toys, mobile phones, computers, refrigerator, air conditioning and the surface can maintain long-term cleaning and disinfection.
Ceramic industry Marbles Glass Hospitals Floor Walls Ceiling Carpet Curtain Tiles Toilets Canteen kitchens Refrigerator Schools Mobile phone Computers Subway Cabinets


1. Construction under normal temperature, working after a few minutes. 2. Super hydrophobic, self cleaning effect. Water on coating surface just like on the lotus leaf, fell quickly. 3. Smooth coating surface, dirt and besmirch are hard attached, easy clean. 4. Temperature adaptability: 150 ℃ without exception. 5. Cold resistance: -50 ℃ without exception. 6. Hydrophobic water contact Angle is 120 degrees. 7. Resistance to artificial aging: 500 h appearance had not changed. 8. Spectrum sterilization. On escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans and more than 650 kinds bacterium, sterilization rate reached 99.9%

Ageing Resistance Anti-pollution Mechanical Resistance Self-cleaning Transparency Adaptability Waterproof