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Strength Pro SP160 Badminton Training Racket


Sports and Fitness Racket Sports Product Number : SP160

Badminton Racket


NPD Conjectured


C One-Dimensional Nano- Object CAS Number : 7782-42-5


The Strength Pro SP160 has been developed as a training aid to be used along side your regular badminton racket and is the ultimate badminton training racket. Designed to`power up your game’ by using Strength Pro’s unique strength training system and weighted at 160 grams, approximately 100% heavier than a regular badminton racket, the Strength Pro SP160 training racket has been designed to target badminton specific muscles, enhancing your strength and power. Weight: 160 grams Length: 675 mm Balance point: 300 mm Technology: 100% Carbon T70 Nano Grip: Custom PU Karakal String: SP Nano 70 Varying forms of strength training have been used by badminton players around the world such as simply attaching weights to the racket head or wrapping grips around the whole frame. Through analysis and research, the Strength Pro SP160 packages all the attributes of previous forms of strength training into a very simple but highly effective training racket. As a result, many players are now making the Strength Pro badminton racket their training racket of choice. The Strength Pro SP160’s unique frame balance technology ensures excellent performance with extra strength and stability throughout the High-Modulus Isometric Head Loop, minimizing vibration within the frame. Strength Pro rackets use high quality T70 Nano Carbon Graphite enabling maximal durability and enhancing the playing experience. The Strength Pro SP160 is targeted towards the more advanced or slightly stronger player however it does provide a natural progression from the lighter Strength Pro SP140.

Manufacturer's Description

The Strength Pro SP160 is the ultimate badminton training racket designed to`power up your game’ by using Strength Pro’s unique strength training system.