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Registration Date 8 Jan 2016

Karakal T-120ff Squash Racket


Sports and Fitness Racket Sports Product Number : KS1501

Squash Racket


Manufacturer Asserted


C One-Dimensional Nano- Object CAS Number : 7782-42-5


120gms Frame Weight Fast Fibre Gel Nano Graphite construction 4 Nano Graphite Nodes To Smooth Out Vibration and Increase Stiffness for More Power and Control Inner Muscle System 'A' Power Shaft with Power Wings Built in Frame Anti-Vibration Dampener Midplus Head 470 sq cms One Piece Construction 370mm Balance point Square String Pattern 14/18 Full Racket Cover Fitted With The World's No.1 PU Super Grip

Mechanical Resistance Lightweight Head-heavy Balance

Manufacturer's Description

The T-120ff is one of the most powerful frames in the Karakal range and is loaded with features to give the racket exceptional strength and precision, and is the new racket of choice for world ranked and Australian international Cameron Pilley. 

It has the successful inner 'Muscle System' along with 4 Nano Nodes positioned around the frame to Smooth out Vibration and Increase Stiffness giving you More Power and Control. It also has our 'Muscle Tec' string system to increase the sweet spot and 'Internal Vibration Dampener' bonded into the frame to reduce vibration. 

The balance on this frame is designed to make the head slightly heavier allowing you to get more weight behind your shots. The introduction of Fast Fibre Graphite makes the frame return to shape after a ball strike 10% faster resulting in even more power for less effort.