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Registration Date 11 Jan 2016

Cascade laser


Electronics Laser



high performance gas sensing for process and environmental control  sensing of liquids  Illumination
Gas sensor Optics


very high spectral purity  excellent reliability  wide variety of packaging options  customer-specific designs available  intrapulse and interpulse tuning

High reliability Very high spectral purity

Manufacturer's Description

6000nm-14000nm nanoplus single mode QCLnanoplus provides single mode emitting Quantum Cascade Lasers in a broad wavelength range from 6 µm up to 14 µm. Ourpatented QCL process technology delivers single mode emission with well defined optical properties enabling a wide rangeof applications. nanoplus is the only manufacturer worldwide routinely providing single- and multimode lasers at any wavelength from 760 nm to 6000 nm. At wavelengths up to 14 µm, QCLs complete nanoplus’ laser portfolio. Our patented distributed feedback laser diodes deliver single mode emission with well defined optical properties enabling a wide range of applications. nanoplus lasers operate reliably in tens of thousands of installations worldwide, including chemical and metallurgical industries, gas pipelines, power plants, medical systems, airborne and satellite applications. nanoplus QCL lasers with excellent performance are specifically designed and characterized to fit your needs. This data sheet summarizes typical properties of nanoplus DFB QCL devices. In this wavelength range, gases such as nitrogen monoxide (NO), ammonia (NH3) or acetylene (C2H2) can be detected with particularly high sensitivity. 
nanoplus DFB quantum cascade lasers: A wide variety of gas molecules exhibit strong characteristic absorption lines in the mid infrared. DFB QCL devices are perfectly suited for highly sensitive detection of gases down to ultra-low concentrations. For this application, highly stable laterally and longitudinally single mode lasers are required. This data sheet reports performance data of nanoplus QCL DFB lasers. For performance data of nanoplus lasers in other wavelength ranges, please or contact [email protected]