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H2O again pushes the boundaries of paddle construction using a Nano-Nickel composite exoskeleton over a polymer core blade (patent pending). Nanotechnology is the technology of working with matter that is at the scale of one-billionth of a meter or 1/75,000 the size of a human hair. Nanometals have mechanical properties well beyond what is possible with conventional alloys including strength values twice that of titanium and stainless steel. These alloys allow H2O to create blades with a stiffness to weight ratio comparable to carbon, but with extremely high impact resistance. New and improved Fast Ferrule Design for 2013. Feather adjustment can be made on the fly with a simple push and turn. No external buttons to push. Our new Fast Ferrule is not only simple and quick but also features a full carbon center ferrule for extreme durability (Patent Pending). Crystal Clear Blade Technology incorporates some of the most exciting advances in paddle technology. A unique transparent blade, molded from using our Multi Component Blade Construction, provides the performance of carbon composite with the impact resistance of thermoplastic. Our custom designed bent shafts feature an ergonomic shape with a grip indexed hand position. The grip indexed hand position feature is an ovalized non slip pattern moulded into the hand area. This custom feature reduces grip fatigue and indexes the shaft with the power face of the paddle. Our bent shafts are available in two sizes small and large. The smaller grip design is ideal for paddlers with smaller hands or wearing gloves. Two unique grip sizes have been designed to accommodate paddlers of any hand size. This unique design utilizes a two component construction specially designed around a bent shaft that incorporates a unique mating surface which locks together with a Santoprene grip. This design provides increased contact adhesion allowing for a more relaxed grip with increased control. Patent Pending (Paton and Boggs, DC). Only in Whitewater models. A unique blade design, our Crystal X paddle uses a separate insert moulded central rib to provide enhanced stiffness to our transparent blades. H2O’s engineering expertise helps create a blade that is not only beautiful to look at but also performs like a full carbon paddle.A proprietary design incorporating an internal “ I ” beam reinforcement that runs the entire length of the blade and locks into the paddle shaft. The unique nature of this beam allows us to tune the feel of the blade and also allows the molding of a blade that is as light as composite while retaining the impact resistance of thermoplastic. Patent Pending ( Paton and Boggs, DC ) Environmentally friendly and contains recycled materials. H2O Paddles is an ISO14001 certified manufacturer.

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The H2O-C1 paddle uses our unique blade design in a package specifically designed for the Whitewater canoer.
The H2O-C1 features a C1 specific glass straight shaft, our proprietary blade design and maple T-grip. A Raft Guide specific version, featuring a larger blade profile and concave tip edge, is also available.