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Nano silver ultraviolet-proof finishing agent


Textile Finishing Agents Product Number : ZWQ-1

Textile Finishing Agent



Ag Nanocolloid CAS Number : 7440-22-4
Diameter : 2 nm


Can be used for cotton, silk, wool, polyester, nylon and blended fabric.
Silk fabric Cotton fabric Wool fabric Blended fabric Nylon fabric Polyester fabric


1. Macromolecule ultraviolet absorbent:excellent and durable ultraviolet absorbing performance, good ultraviolet shielding effect ,good absorption and transformation,reflection ,scattering of 280 ~ 400 nm ultraviolet band. 2. Small dosage,efficient and lasting effect:ensure high UPF value in the textiles of appropriate structure. 3. Good compatibility with the fiber, good thermal stability: apply to every kind of techniques,can absorb ultraviolet to the greatest extent. 4. Reactive products, can link with fiber durably,good wash-resistant performance and light stability.The effect do not decrease after repeated washing,ironing,strong ultraviolet radiation. 5. Good commonality of product,apply to finishing, coating, printing, spraying, high-temperature exhaustion method, padding process. 6. Do not affect color,strength, moisture permeability,ensure the products fresh,clean,have brilliant color.

Compatibility Thermal stability Transparency Washability UV Protection Easy to Apply Tenacity Non-fading

Manufacturer's Description

Notice: ◎According to the dosage,add the ZWQ-1 to the hot water around 50℃,process the fabrics after dilution.A little heat can have a better effect. It has durable and lasting ultraviolet-proof feature and can enhance some dyes' light fastness.It also can enhance UV absorption feature of sportswear, beachwear, swimwear, casual wear (T-shirt, shirt, hat, etc.), business wear, tent, parasol, curtain etc.