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Registration Date 10 Feb 2016

Styling With Moisturizing Nanoe


Cosmetics Personal Care Product Number : EH-HS95

Styling Iron


1.Nanoe For Glossy Straight Hair 2. 5-Step Temperature Setting 3. Ceramic Coating

Manufacturer's Description

Panasonic has developed technology for producing nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles,nanoe™,that improve air quality and change our living. Experiments have proven a long list of the benefits of “electrostatic atomized water particles,” produced by cutting-edge nanotechnology. The electrostatic atomized water technology” involves gathering moisture in the air that is invisible, and applying a high voltage to generate nano-sized water particles. These electrified water particles are called "electrostatic atomized water" and contain highly reactive components that easily affect a wide variety of substances, working to inhibit viruses and bacteria as well as reduce pesticides. Highly reactive components are generally said to bond easily with other substances and therefore to have a short life. However, the reactive components produced through “the electrostatic atomized water technology” are contained inside of the water particles. Therefore it has been proven that the substances have a longer life and are delivered to a wider areas than the usual ones. Experiments have newly proven that nanoe suppress Swine-origin influenza virus.The benefits range widely from inhibiting viruses and bacteria, reducing residue pesticides, suppressing mold and allergen, moisturizing skin and hair, and to maintaining vegetable freshness. Experiments by universities and research institutions have proven the effects of nanoe. The world is focusing its attention on this breakthrough technology that could be the key to the air purification.