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Registration Date 14 Feb 2016

Off-road air filter


Automotive Auto Parts Product Number : DBA5217

Air Filter


Superior media is more efficient in capturing submicron dust particles/Longer filter life and better pulse cleaning due to surface loading technology/Lower energy and less compressed air use with better pulse cleaning and lower operating pressure drop/MERV 15, 14 and 13 filtration efficiencies to meet specific application needs/Engineered to perform in extreme temperature and humidity conditions, unlike ordinary nanofibers/Proven in the real world – used in diesel engines for nearly two decades/On-highway trucks are guaranteed to go twice the distance compared to standard cellulose filters

Moisture Resistance Self-cleaning Thermal stability Long life Low Operating Pressure

Manufacturer's Description

Proven and proprietary Ultra-Web® technology delivers longer filter life, cleaner air and greater cost savings than other types of cartridge filter media. Made with an electrospinning process that produces a very fine, continuous, resilient fiber of 0.2-0.3 micron in diameter, Ultra-Web forms a permanent nanofiber web with very fine interfiber spaces that trap dust on the surface of the media.