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Bike Chrome & Metal Coat


Automotive Maintenance



NPD Conjectured

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7631-86-9


* Restores metal brightness * Consumption: 10 ml. per sqm in two layers (7.5 ml. for the first & 2.5 ml. for the second) * Heat resistance -60c +1200c * Ultra-high resistance to chemical attacks (Bird poo, bugs, acid rain, heavy detergents, etc.) * Oil, water and dirt repellent * Anti-rust * Not affected by suns UV or IR damage * Strong UV filters built in * VOC free * 100% Inorganic * Full curing time: 48 hrs. * Room temperature curing * For extreme conditions: multi layering is possible

Anti-pollution Hydrophile UV Protection Durability Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Rust Removal

Manufacturer's Description

The terms nano coating and nano sealing refers to the outcome of an application in which nano structures are used to create a constant arrangement of molecules over a surface. This process is in face a chemical process that can be designed in one of two ways, hydrophob / superhydrophob or hydrophil / superhydrophil. Nano coating is used on a whole variation of surfaces but in more recent years people have come to realise how fabulous it can be for vehicles as when liquid, such as rain comes in contact with the windows the film in which this coating creates causes the liquid to flow straight off instead of lurking on the windows, leading to accidents.Ultimate Nano Coat v3 applied on bike chrome and metal parts will keep them shiny, rust free and very easy to clean for at least 1 year with no re-application.
UNC v3 is a permanent nano coating for bare metal. Works on any type of metal, ferrous or non-ferrous. A single layer of this product stops bare aluminium from oxidising. 
UNC v3 can be applied in multiple layers for increased durability. We recommend to leave at least 12 hours between the layers.
Heat resistance of up to +1200c, ensures this product can be applied on engines and exhausts or any other bare metal parts.
Protected surfaces are rust-free, heat resistant and super easy to clean!
If applied in multiple layers on a rough surface - remove excess product from first layer, but leave untouched for the second layer for increased durability.