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Registration Date 14 Feb 2016

Delta Nano Automotive


Automotive Maintenance

Automotive Anti-bacterial Spray


Door panels Carpets Ceiling Seats Car boot Grab handles, Essentially the whole car interior surface!
Door Ceiling Carpet Grab handle


Once applied on to the surface, Delta Nano Automotives’s invisible protective coating continuously sterilize, detoxify and deodorize car interiors. It is a green product that also gets rid of mold and mildew without using toxic chemicals. In short, Delta Nano Automotive is a single product that is proven to kill and eliminate 99.9% bacteria, viruses, mold, algae, stubborn odor (cigarette, durian, seafood, etc.) and pollutants (smoke, smog, petrol fumes, diesel smoke, etc.) continuously!

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-pollution Anti-microbial activity Deodorization Impermeability

Manufacturer's Description

Delta Nano Automotive is a revolutionary anti-bacterial and deodorizing hygiene spray which helps to create a hygienic indoor environment. It is formulated specifically for the conditions of a car interior.
Delta Nano is using a breakthrough Green Nano Technology, licensed from A*STAR, Agency for Science, Technology and Research of Singapore. It contains nano particles of titanium dioxide that works through a natural process called photocatalysis. It is integrated with other proprietary nano-sized functional additives to enable it to be functional in both indoor and outdoor conditions.
When Delta Nano is sprayed onto any surface, the nano particles use the natural power of light to kill the microbes (bacteria, virus, mold, algae, odor, etc) effectively and continuously for a very long time. It does not use toxic chemicals or electricity to do all this, that’s why it’s Green! And as long as Delta Nano’s invisible coating is there, it will continuously work for you!Delta Nano working through natural photocatalytic process produces two effects which then provide the main benefits of using Delta Nano.
Anti-Microbial & Deodourization : Through the Oxidation Effect, Delta Nano effectively eliminates pollutants and destroys bio-contaminants, even in the absence of light, providing a clean and salutary environment.