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Registration Date 16 Feb 2016
Revision Date 19 Apr 2018

Anti-microbial Wound Rinsing Silvosept


Medicine Medical Supplies

Wound rinsing spray


NPD Conjectured


Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4
Diameter : 5-20 nm


General purposes and wound rinsing solution for all types of wound.


Using nano technology Eliminate a wide range of pathogenic bacteria, viruses particularly HIV and HB, and fungus. Unlike most antiseptic solutions there is no bad odor It is colorless and leaves no stain Alcohol free Without common sensitivity caused by alcohol on the skin

Anti-bacterial Activity Transparency Anti-microbial activity Odorless Alcohol-free Disinfection

Manufacturer's Description

Disinfectant solution Silvo Sept ChitoTech Company produces new dressings for healing cuts and stopping bleing. SilvoSept is a disinfectant solution containing nanosilver, produced by Kitotech, whichprevents the growth of viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Without damaging the aerial and useful bacteria in the cleaning of differentcuts, SilvoSept can be used for general purposes such as disfecting medical cetres and public places,esides removing pollutants and preventing them from being emitted in public places and hospital.
Antimicrobial wound rinsing spray is special for cleaning wounds and can eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungus.Silver particles are stabilized easily in nano-dimension which leads to formation more stable colloids. The most noticeable advantages of silver nanoparticles are in biomedicine. It could be mentioned that in nano-dimension, antibacterial effect of silver increases significantly, so that they are able to destroy over 650 bacterial species. These nanoparticles have significant antifungal activities against some ringworms. Silver nanoparticles disrupt fungal structure and cause significant damage to fungal cells. It is also demonstrated the cytoprotective activity of silver nanoparticles (5-20 nm) toward HIV-1 infected cells. The modified electrochemical properties of silver nanoparticles can also offer faster response times and lower detection limits in nano-scale sensors.