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Silent Sewage pipes


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Sanitary sewer systems


Sound proof pipes manufactured by Vahid industrial group، are composed of three layers that their middle layer is a nanocomposite; in which specific nanoparticles and microparticles has been used in order to achieve optimum acoustic and mechanical properties. This product also meets sound insulation standards such as DIN 4109 and VDI 4100. Three Functional Layer: Outer Layer: Impact resistance and shock proof layer of PP Middle Layer: Highly Filled layer of Mineral and Nano Material Inner Layer: Abrasion resistance and smooth layer of PP

Mechanical Resistance Sound Insulation Durability Environmentally Friendly Acoustic

Manufacturer's Description

Today’s modern life has led to many new anomalies in the societies and noise pollution is one of these cases. Shrinking living space in big cities and use of light and durable materials has led to upcoming new mandatory standards to control noise in human living environment in modern societies. Among these, indoor installation equipments like fans, ceiling and wall fan coils, hot and cold water plumbing systems and sanitary sewer systems are the main factors that cause noise production in living space that sound production and audio production limit standards of these equipments must be considered as an essential criteria when selecting. Among these equipments, wastewater transmit pipes have an important role in unwanted sound transmission to the human living environment and this is because they are used unburied and inside the residential area.