Registration Date 20 Feb 2016

SONAX XTREME clear view 1:100 concentrate NanoPro


Automotive Maintenance Product Number : 271141

Car Wash Concentrate


Plastics Windscreens


Highly effective cleaning concentrate for windscreen and headlight washers in the summer Dazzling films caused by oil, soot, silicone, insects and road grime are removed from the windscreen faster and even more thoroughly Also well suitable for high-quality XENON headlamps and plastic diffusers in clear glass design. Suitable for fan jet nozzles Can be mixed with tap water (all hardness degrees) thanks to anti-lime effect. With a fresh scent Contains glycerine to keep rubber supple and to prevent the wiper blades from rubbing

Anti-reflective Anti-pollution Crack Resistance Weatherability Durability Silicone and wax - free

Manufacturer's Description

Clear vision - in seconds. Highly effective concentrate as cleaning additive for the windscreen washer unit. Eradicates dazzling and greasy films in seconds. Its nano-technology makes it even more effective against insect residue. Highly economical: 25 ml give 2.5 litres of cleaning fluid. Does not induce stress cracks or blind spots in anti-glare headlights. Also ideal for high quality XENON-headlights and plastic anti-glare headlights in clear glass optic. Suitable for fan spray nozzles. With fresh fragrance.