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Na2Al2Si3O10·2H2O Nanoporous CAS Number : 1318-02-1


The power to realize maximum plant growth and yield comes packaged in a pellet the size of a raindrop. Nano-Gro™ is a highly concentrated proprietary formula that uses cutting-edge Agro Nanotechnology™ to create stronger, bigger, healthier plants, in a cost effective and simple to use way. The method of action used by Nano-Gro™ is revolutionary. Acting as a messenger, Nano-Gro™ is designed to take advantage of the chemical communication channels plants have developed as a result of millions of years of evolution. Upon contact with a plant’s root matrix or a seed, Nano-Gro™ begins to communicate with the plant. Although almost untraceable in terms of its concentration, the plant can sense the presence of the product and immediately prepares a response. The message it has just interpreted is that the plant is in imminent danger. The plant becomes “convinced” that its survival is threatened. Generally, stress messages such as these would depress the affected plant causing effects opposites to those indicated above. However, with Nano-Gro™ plants reacted in unprecedented ways. At the prescribed dosages, instead of wilting, treated plants would initiate natural survival mechanisms that allow them to combat the threat. Nano-Gro™ increases yields by an average of 20%, and for some crops even more. This composite number implies growth in leaf, biomass, fruit and grain separately. For example, in some experiments sunflower grain yields increased by 50% and in cucumber trials yield increases of 25% have been observed. Tests show an increase of about 10% in both protein and sugar content of treated plant for most types of crops. Overall health of the plant is enhanced, making it more resistant to severe weather and extreme atmospheric conditions. Immunological response is heightened allowing the plant to fight disease and prevent infections. To some industries it is also important to know that Nano-Gro™ treated plants grow and yield more uniformly. As specimens are being pushed to the limits of their growth the tend to reach similar maximum levels in terms of their biomass, stature and produce. Whether its farming equipment, processing or packaging machinery, the uniformity of the consumables is a highly desired trait.

Immunity Improvement Soluble in Water Health Care Effect Disinfection Plant Growth Regulation Hormone-free Nutritional Crop Yield Enhancement

Manufacturer's Description

Nano-Gro™ is a plant growth regulator and immunity enhancer. Employing chemical concentrations in the order of one part per billion, Nano-Gro™ stands apart from any product in the market. Different from fertilizers, Nano-Gro™ is not a source of nutrients for the plant. And unlike other primers, the product is not composed of proteins derived from bacteria or other pathogens. Nano-Gro™ does not contain hormones and does not, in any way, change the genetic structure of a plant. Nano-Gro™ helps the plant naturally experience improved growth and enhanced health benefits resulting from the proper application of the principles of Agro Nanotechnology™.The active ingredients in Nano-Gro™ come package in coded sugar pellets less than ⅛" in diameter. These pellets are dissolved in ordinary tap water to create a powerful working solution. Just one pellet is capable of treating 42 kg of wheat seeds or 33 tomato plants. At this rate, one kilo of Nano-Gro™ can be used on enough seeds to plant 3,333 hectares (8,236 acres) of wheat or almost 700,000 tomato plants!
How this concept leads to larger, healthier more robust plants is easy to illustrate in terms of the charts above. Normally, if there are no overwhelming stressors bearing down on the plant the expected yields calculated at the beginning of the season closely resemble the actual yields at harvest time, as Chart 1 shows. On the other hand, if the crop is struck by malady, Chart 2, shows the potential gap between the actual yield compared to the initial expectations.
Embedded compensation mechanisms, natural to all plants, are expressed when plants find themselves under undue stress. That is, when a plant feels threatened it will initiate processes that help the plant preserve itself and the species. In particular, the plant tends to increase fertility, a powerful system that impels the plant accelerate its growth, augment its reserves of proteins and sugars, and most importantly, increase reproduction. These effects translate into higher yields and better quality product.
Because Nano-Gro™ sends a stress message to the plant, it directly activates that plant's compensation mechanisms. However, in the absence of real stress Chart 3 shows how the plant overshoots whatever expectations about its yields were calculated before treatment.