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Registration Date 15 Oct 2014
Revision Date 10 Sep 2017

Copper Conductive yarn


Textile Fibers, Yarns, and Fabrics



1. Textile materials for clothing: Infant Clothing, Sports Clothing, Silver Clothing, Socks, Hats, Stockings, Suits, Fitness Wears, Aerobic Dance Wears, Mufflers, school uniform and etc. 2. Textile materials for life: Curtains, Bedclothes, Sheets, Patient Clothing, Gowns, Shoes Insoles, Towels, Wall Papers, Wigs, Bags, Blankets and etc. 3. Textile materials for industry: Antistatic clothing, antistatic gloves, smartphone touch gloves, clean room, dining room, hygiene businesses, medical materials, filters, fishing net etc.
Sportswear Towel Curtain Filters Socks Bedclothes Blanket Bed sheet Suits Hat Stockings Patient clothing Gowns Bags Shoes Insoles Infant Clothing Fitness Wears School uniform Dance Wears Antistatic clothing Antistatic gloves Medical materials Fishing net Wall Papers Wigs


1. Superb conductivity, control of static electricity 2. Unmatched corona discharge 3. Anti bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and deodorizing effect, anti-fouling 4. EMI shielding 5. far infrared ray, quantum energy, radiant heat 6. VOCs reduction 7. corrosion resistant, oxidation resistant.

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-fouling Activity Electrical Conductivity Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Corrosion resistance Oxidation Resistance Anti-fungal Activity Far Infrared Protection Anti-electromagnetic Wave Static Electricity Resistance Deodorization

Manufacturer's Description

N29, copper-conducted yarn forming ionic bonds of copper nano complex which is our specialized technology on the surface of the fiber provides its unique advantages different from an existing yarn. Because copper is in the status of ionic bond on the surface of the fiber,Denier can vary average 2~3. 1. In case of post-processing (dyeing), durability may be weakened and it may not have 100% reliability. When fabricating, it is recommended to proceed with dyeing.(High pressure and reactive dye is not recommended) 2. Processing processes such as processing, raising, shearing, etc. that is subject to friction, elongation or osmotic pressure may cause dysfunction. 3. The color that appears is copper’s unique chromophore. As ionic bond disturbs free moving of molecules, dyeing is not easily available. 4. Yarn itself has a durability of 10 times of hand wash or 5 times of washing with washing machine. -Do not use laundry bleach and high-frequency dry -MRI, CT, X-RAY not wearing at the time of shooting -Hand wash and wool shampoo when washing. patent:Korea Patent No. 10-1167860,Korea Patent No. 40-0884189