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Diabetic care socks


Textile Clothing



1. Material of socks. Is a high-performance fiber with the function of antibacterial, the fiber with nano-powders in polymer can reduce the risk of germs growth. In addition, the nano-powders of Far Infrared and Minus Ions in fiber material can keep the body warm, healthy and feel comfortable. Nano Fibers are with the function of specific "cross (+) section" for speeding sweat away from skin to the outer surface of fabric to make skin feel dry, refreshing and comfortable. 2. I.R Process. Is far infrared PET fiber with nano-powders (the size of nano-powders is 70 nm-100 nm) blended during polymerization process. NanoRed fiber can absorb energy from sunlight or the human body and release 4 um-14 um far infrared rays to keep the body warm, expanding capillaries to improve the blood circulation, and accelerating metabolism. 3. Effects on the Body. Help keep your feet healthy and safe from injury by reducing pressure on the area. They do not have seams; seams in regular socks can sometimes cause blistering or sores on diabetics' feet. control moisture in the area and are anti-fungal. Moisture-control diabetic socks allow your feet to breathe, preventing sweating and keeping bacteria from growing. The socks come with non-restrictive tops and are nonbinding. 4. How does it control Diabetes. Diabetic socks are very useful hosiery/ Fiber (Nano Technology) product that help in regulating blood circulation in the lower body parts for diabetics body, and it also helps the wounds, cuts or sores heal faster with I.R penetration. People with low or high blood pressure can also find the socks highly useful, as it helps in controlling the blood pressure levels. The I.R released in the Body with LLL ( Low Level Laser) or cool wave technology penetrates and corrects thus rejuvenating the Blood Capillaries and Blood Vessel and Nerve Endings. These socks can help Pancreas by releasing these I.R into the organ thus enabling it to accelerate the functions for the Production of Insulin. This is highly effective product and can be worn with any consultation of a doctor. The safest and highly effective diabetic care and control products can be useful in all the seasons. 5. How does it control side effects on foot of Diabetes. Wearing shoes for longer time can be harmful for them since the closed feet can generate excessive moisture. It controls the moisture level of the skin, thus allowing the feet to breathe. By controlling the moisture, it keeps the feet dry and free from bacterial infections. 6. Does it have any side effects. Wearing diabetic socks is not associated with any adverse effects. 7. Process of Use/Duration. 8. Life of Use . Depends on Usage. 9. Washing Process. Wash in Luke warm water using a mild Soap/ detergent. No bleach. Tumble dry on medium heat. 10.Drying : It should be dried in Shade and should not be Rinsed or washed in the Machine.

Anti-bacterial Activity