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Registration Date 11 May 2016

Point Probe® Plus Magnetic Force Microscopy - Low Coercivity - Reflex Coating


Electronics Sensor Product Number : PPP-LC-MFMR-20



Atomic force microscope (AFM) tips AFM imaging


The SPM probe offers unique features: soft magnetic coating on the tip side (coercivity of app. 0.75 Oe, remanence magnetization of app. 225 emu/cm3) effective magnetic moment 0.75x of standard probes magnetic resolution better than 35 nm guaranteed tip radius of curvature < 30 nm tip height 10 - 15 µm Al coating on detector side of cantilever enhancing the reflectivity of the laser beam by a factor of about 2.5 alignment grooves on backside of silicon holder chip precise alignment of the cantilever position (within +/- 2 µm) when used with the Alignment Chip compatible with PointProbe® Plus XY-Alignment Series

Low Coercivity

Manufacturer's Description

The NANOSENSORS™ PPP-LC-MFMR AFM probe is coated with a soft magnetic thin film enabling the measurement of magnetic domains in soft magnetic samples. Due to the low coercivity of the tip coating the magnetisation of the tip will easily get reoriented by hard magnetic samples.The soft magnetic coating on the tip has a coercivity of app. 0.75 Oe and a remanence magnetization of app. 225 emu/cm3 (these values were determined on a flat surface).As both coatings are almost stress-free the bending of the cantilever due to stress is less than 3.5% of the cantilever length. For enhanced signal strength the magnetization of the tip by means of a strong permanent magnet prior to the measurement is recommended.