Registration Date 11 May 2016

Sono Photonic Sensors (SPS)


Electronics Sensor Product Number : SPS



monitoring of CO2 gas levels around gas sequestration sites CO levels in on-board oxygen generators for Navy and Air Force fighter jets Toxic and industrial chemical monitoring
Gas sensor


high sensitivity (ppb range possible) high selectivity high stability low to moderate power small size (deck of cards) low to moderate cost

Chemical Stability High sensitivity Selectivity

Manufacturer's Description

Applied Nanotech, Inc. offers a Sono Photonic Sensors (SPS) platform capable of identifying trace amounts of most gases and vapors. SPS is based on detection of sound waves produced as periodic pressure oscillations in a gas that can absorb modulated infrared radiation from a light source. SPS, akin to Photo Acoustic Sensor (PAS) technology, can be used for detecting a wide variety of analytes.

ANI, working with strategic partners, is currently developing a SPS system which can be much more sensitive (target is ppb) to specific analytes and is based on a solid-state light element instead of the broadband IR source. This not only eliminates the need for moving parts, but also significantly increases the sensitivity of the device since solid state light sources possess much higher spectral power density compared to broadband IR sources.