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CleverCOAT for Textile


Textile Finishing Agents

Textile Finishing Agent


Manufacturer Asserted

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanocolloid CAS Number : 7631-86-9
Diameter : 2 nm


It also applicable for a clothes from any fabric: suits, jackets, blouses, coats, ties, trousers, sport wear, jeans, cloaks, bike wear, hunt wear, footwear protection, footwear stories and for footwear repair shops. This product protects any type of fabric from silk to dense cotton and wool, also it applicable for any artificial textile.
Sportswear Pants Clothing Silk fabric Suits Cotton fabric Synthetic fabric Footwear Hunting clothe Jeans Ties Cloaks Coats Wool fabric


1. Easy to use. 2. Dirt easy is cleaned from protected textile by water. 3. Air permeability is not changed. 4. It protects textile from water, dirt and fat. 5. Keeps the protective properties after repeated laundering up to 40 C. 6.Long lasting effect (1 year and more). 7. Applicable for almost all kind of fabrics except synthetic textile with meshy structure.

Anti-pollution Self-cleaning Washability Easy to Apply Oleophobe Long-term stability Air Permeability Water-based Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

Water-base product is included nano sized silicon compound, it has not hazardous substances. Packing: Product is packed in: 1. 450ml plastic trigger sprayer bottles; 2. 300ml plastic trigger sprayer bottles. Stock packing: 1. 450ml plastic trigger sprayer bottles: Carton (30cm x 22cm x 24cm): 12 bottles Pallet: 112 cartons/1344 bottles Pallet weight net/gross - 690kg/750kg 2. 300ml plastic trigger sprayer bottles: Carton (30cm x 22cm x 22cm): 12 bottles Pallet: 128 cartons/1536 bottles Pallet weight net/gross - 545kg/606kg