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Registration Date 21 May 2016

NanoLuc® Stability Sensors for Cell Signaling


Electronics Sensor Product Number : N1391



Compound screening. Hypoxia signaling. Oxidative stress signaling.
Compound screening Hypoxia signaling Oxidative stress signaling


Constructs are predesigned, optimized and tested for low endotoxin levels.

Low Endotoxin Levels

Manufacturer's Description

U.S. Pat. Nos. 8,557,970 and 8,669,103

The rate of protein turnover is tightly regulated for many signaling proteins involved in oncogenesis and response to cellular stress. Protein stabilization and subsequent accumulation occurs in response to changing cellular conditions resulting in activation of downstream transcriptional events. The NanoLuc® Stability Sensors are ready-to-use vector systems that utilize the advantages of the NanoLuc® luciferase reporter to enable stability studies of two key signaling proteins, HIF1A and NRF2, providing a method to directly measure this primary signaling event.NRF2 Vector System: The NRF2 Vector System enables simple quantification of intracellular NRF2 protein levels to study the dynamics of this signaling protein in mediating cellular response to oxidative stress. It contains a vector encoding NanoLuc® fused to the C-terminus of the NRF2 protein under the control of the CMV promoter, a pKEAP1-expressing vector for proper regulation of intracellular NRF2 levels and Transfection Carrier DNA for titratable intracellular fusion protein expression.