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Registration Date 28 May 2016

SLLIMM nano 2nd series IPM, 3 A, 600 V, 3-phase IGBT inverter bridge


Electronics Sensor Product Number : STGIPQ3H60T-HZ



IPM 3 A, 600 V 3-phase IGBT inverter bridge including 3 control ICs for gates driving and freewheeling diodes 3.3 V, 5 V and 15 V TTL/CMOS inputs comparators with hysteresis and pull-down/ pull-up resistors Internal bootstrap diode Optimized for low electromagnetic interference Undervoltage lockout VCE(SAT) negative temperature coefficient Smart shutdown function Interlocking function Op-amp for advanced current sensing Comparator for fault protection against overcurrent NTC (UL 1434 CA 2 and 4) Isolation rating of 1500 Vrms/min Up to ±2 kV ESD protection (HBM C = 100 pF, R = 1.5 kΩ)

Power Saving Smart Shutdown Function Interlocking Function Internal Bootstrap Diode Undervoltage Lockout Optimized for Low Electromagnetic Interference Comparator for Fault Protection against Overcurrent

Manufacturer's Description

This second series of SLLIMM (small low-loss intelligent molded module) nano provides a compact, high performance AC motor drive in a simple, rugged design. It is composed of six improved IGBTs with freewheeling diodes and three half-bridge HVICs for gate driving, providing low electromagnetic interference (EMI) characteristics with optimized switching speed. The package is designed to allow a better and more easily screwed-on heatsink and is optimized for thermal performance and compactness in built-in motor applications or other low power applications where assembly space is limited. This IPM includes a completely uncommitted operational amplifier and a comparator that can be used to design a fast and efficient protection circuit. SLLIMM™ is a trademark of STMicroelectronics.