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Registration Date 28 May 2016

SLLIMM nano 2nd series IPM, 3-phase inverter, 5 A, 600 V short-circuit rugged IGBTs


Electronics Sensor Product Number : STGIPQ5C60T-HZS



IPM 5 A, 600 V 3-phase IGBT inverter bridge including 3 control ICs for gates driving and freewheeling diodes 3.3 V, 5 V and 15 V TTL/CMOS inputs comparators with hysteresis and pull down/pull up resistors Internal bootstrap diode Optimized for low electromagnetic interference Undervoltage lockout Short-circuit rugged TFS IGBTs Smart shutdown function Interlocking function Op-amp for advanced current sensing Comparator for fault protection against overcurrent NTC (UL 1434 CA 2 and 4) Isolation rating of 1500 Vrms/min Up to ±2 kV ESD protection (HBM C = 100 pF, R = 1.5 kΩ)

Smart Shutdown Function Advanced Current Sensing Interlocking Function Internal Bootstrap Diode Undervoltage Lockout Optimized for Low Electromagnetic Interference Comparator for Fault Protection against Overcurrent Short-circuit Rugged TFS IGBTs

Manufacturer's Description

This second series of SLLIMM (small low-loss intelligent molded module) nano provides a compact, high performance AC motor drive in a simple, rugged design. It is composed of six improved short-circuit rugged trench gate field-stop IGBTs with freewheeling diodes and three half-bridge HVICs for gate driving, providing low electromagnetic interference (EMI) characteristics with optimized switching speed. The package is designed to allow a better and easy screw on heatsink, it is optimized for thermal performance and compactness in built-in motor applications, or other low power applications where assembly space is limited. This IPM includes an operational amplifier, completely uncommitted, and a comparator that can be used to design a fast and efficient protection circuit. SLLIMM™ is a trademark of STMicroelectronics.