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Registration Date 3 Jun 2016

NanoScan 2s


Electronics Sensor Product Number : Si/3.5/1.8



UV lasers Visible lasers NIR lasers


Absolute measurement accuracy is guaranteed by NIST traceable calibration of every NanoScan Measure any wavelength from UV to very far infrared (190nm to >100μm) Instantaneous real time display of results; beam found in less than 300ms and updated at up to 20Hz Waist location can be determined to within ±25μm due to the well-defined Z-axis datum plane of the NanoScan Measure pulsed and CW lasers For pulsed beams the pulse rate is measured and reported From as small as 7μm beams, can be measured directly with guaranteed accuracy and precision Additional high signal to noise ratio can be achieved with averaging Z-axis caustic measurements are available with built-in mechanical linear stage control M2 propagation ratio values available with simple M2 Wizard included with the software. Any beam result can be charted and monitored over time Power levels can be monitored along with spatial measurements to determine if losses are introduced by beam adjustments Log results to text files for independent analysis Automate the system using optional ActiveX Automation commands, available with the PRO version software and scan heads Samples of automation programs included for Excel, VBA, LabView and Visual * The minimum frequency is a function of the beam size and the scan speed. This is a simple arithmetic relationship; there must be a sufficient number of pulses during the time that the slits sweep through the beam to generate a meaningful profile. Please refer to Photon's Application Note, Measuring Pulsed Beams with a Slit-Based Profiler.

USB Connectivity Measure Pulsed and CW Lasers Pulse Rate Measurement Mechanical Linear Stage Control

Manufacturer's Description

NanoScan 2s combines the convenience and portability of direct USB connectivity with the speed, accuracy, and dynamic range that users have come to expect from the Photon NanoScan slit based profilers. The NanoScan 2s is available with a silicon, germanium or pyroelectric detector, which allows it to profile lasers of any wavelength from UV to far infrared, out to 100μm and beyond. With the new NanoScan 2s software package, the user can configure the display interface however it is desired; displaying those results of most interest on one easy-to-read screen, or on multiple screens.The NanoScan slit profiler is the most versatile laser beam profiling instrument available today: providing instantaneous feedback of beam parameters for CW and kilohertz pulsed lasers, with measurement update rates to 20Hz. The natural attenuation provided by the slit allows the measurement of many beams with little or no additional attenuation. The high dynamic range makes it possible to measure beams while adjustments to focus are made without having to adjust the profiler. Just aim the laser into the aperture and the system does the rest!
Small Beam Scanning Slit Profiler: Silicon Detector, 3.5mm Aperture, 1.8µm Slits  This NanoScan scanning-slit profiling system accurately captures and analyzes wavelengths from 190nm - 950nm with its Silicon detector. It features a slit size suitable for small beams, near real-time data capture rates, an optional power measurement feature, and operates in CW or kHz Pulsed modes which makes it ideal for comprehensive analysis of UV, Visible, and NIR lasers.