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Fujitsu cpu


Electronics Processor Product Number : SPARC64 XIfx



High performance High reliability Low power consumption 20 nanometer process technology Cores: 32

Low power consumption High performance High reliability 20 nanometer process technology Cores: 32

Manufacturer's Description

Fujitsu introduced the SPARC64 XIfx processor in August 2014 at the Hot Chips symposium. The XIfx processor has 32 cores and two assistant cores organized into two Core Memory Groups with 12 MB shared L2 cache each for a total of 24 MB. It runs at 2.2 GHz, has a peak performance of 1.1 TFLOPS. Compared to the Sparc64 IXfx it will offer an improvement of a factor of 3.2 for double precision and 6.1 for single precision. The L1 cache has a throughput of 4.4 Tbytes per second. It uses Hybrid Memory Cube which has memory modules stacked on top of each other for an increased throughput of 30 Gbytes per second. The SIMD units are 256-bit wide. The Sparc64 XIfx will be produced in a 20 nm process with 3.75 billion transistors. The XIfx uses the Tofu 2 interconnect with a maximum speed of 12.5 Gbytes per second. Twelve XIfx chips will fit into a 2U chassis. Servers with the chip will also support optical interfaces. A 100 petaflops system could be build in a similar setup like the PRIMEHPC FX10.