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Registration Date 6 Jun 2016

Titan Strong Motion Accelerometer


Electronics Sensor



You’re doing high-precision free-field strong motion or structural monitoring You’re installing in difficult-to-access areas or where frequent site visits are undesirable.
Structural monitoring


Industry leading 166 dB dynamic range • Ultra-low self-noise comparable to some broadband seismometers • Wide operational frequency range: DC to 430 Hz • Best in class thermal stability and high accuracy provide increased data quality • Full scale range of ±0.25 g to ±4 g with independent horizontal and vertical range selection • Electronically selectable full scale range facilitates remote sensor control when deployments are distant or difficult to access • Integrated web server provides efficient instrument management and control • Installation features that include an integrated bubble level, adjustable leveling screws, single bolt keyhole mount, and a compact footprint ensure that deployments are completed efficiently and quickly

Thermal stability Digital Ultra-low Self-noise Triaxial

Manufacturer's Description

The Titan Strong Motion Accelerometer is the first accelerometer to incorporate digitally selectable full-scale range and offset zeroing capabilities.This force balance triaxial accelerometer was engineered for high-precision free-field strong motion and structural monitoring applications requiring exceptional dynamic range. It offers ultra-low self-noise performance and provides exceptional performance over a wide frequency range, from DC to 430Hz and industry-leading 166dB dynamic range.Its high accuracy and low thermal drift provide increased data quality in structural monitoring applications and the integrated web server facilitates instrument management and control.