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Registration Date 8 Jun 2016

Server DRAM


Electronics Memories Product Number : M393A2K40BB0

Ram (Random Access Memory)


High performance computing and networking
High performance computing and networking


Production Status: Mass Production Density: 16Gb Organization: 2Gx72 Voltage: 1.2V Speed: PB Power: C Bank & Interface: 16B/POD

Production Status: Mass Production Voltage: 1.2V Power: C Bank & Interface: 16B/POD Speed: PB Density: 16Gb Organization: 2Gx72

Manufacturer's Description

Samsung DDR4 Registered DIMMs (or RDIMMs) are designed with an additional hardware register between the DRAM module and the system’s memory controller. RDIMMs present several advantages for the system, such as a lower electrical load on the memory controller and sustained stability even with an increase in the number of installed memory modules. Thus, RDIMMs are often the default choice for deployment in server-class computing systems. In addition to Registered DIMM’s features, Samsung DDR4 memory is available as Registered DIMM that it provides an optimized solution for highly virtualized environments, high-performance computing and networking. Semiconductor modules of Samsung DDR4 are designed with new system circuit architecture to deliver higher performance with low power requirements than previously available memory products. Doubled bandwidth, along with reduced voltage and dramatically lower power consumption, improves performance and optimizes the total cost of ownership.