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Ram (Random Access Memory)


Home/personal computing
Home/personal computing


Production Status: Mass Production Density: 4Gb Organization: 512Mx64 Voltage: 1.2V Speed: RC Power: C Bank & Interface: 16B/POD

Production Status: Mass Production Density: 4Gb Voltage: 1.2V Power: C Bank & Interface: 16B/POD Speed: RC Organization: 512Mx64

Manufacturer's Description

Samsung DDR4 Unbuffered DIMMs (or UDIMMs) are the most common type of memory used on desktop systems. A UDIMM memory module does not contain any buffer or additional hardware register between the memory module and the system’s memory controller. UDIMMs also consume much lower power, and have much lower data access latencies than buffered or registered memory. Thus, UDIMMs are an excellent solution for low-cost computing, such as home/personal computing. In addition to Unbuffered DIMM’s features, DDR4 memory is available as Unbuffered DIMM. Samsung DDR4 SDRAM is the new generation of high-performance, power-efficient memory. As the semiconductor memory is widely used in current generation computers, DDR4 is considered the industry standard commercial version of DRAM memory. Advancements in semiconductor design, development, and fabrication processes have enabled the development of high-performance DRAM memory, making the design of devices and applications, such as ultra-thin notebook computers, possible. Progressive developments in DRAM memory have resulted in newer versions operating at lower voltages, resulting in increasing levels of power savings. By leveraging the full potential of Samsung DDR4, you can increase computing performance, while consuming less energy.