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Graphic DRAM


Electronics Memories Product Number : K4G80325FB

Ram (Random Access Memory)


Console, Graphic card, NB
Graphic card, NB Console


Density: 8Gb Organization: 256Mx32 Vdd/Vddq(V): 1.305 to 1.597 Speed: 25, 28, 03 Package: 170FBGA

Density: 8Gb Package: 170FBGA Organization: 256Mx32 Vdd/Vddq(V): 1.305 to 1.597 Speed: 25, 28, 03

Manufacturer's Description

Samsung GDDR5 is suitable for 3D graphics requiring high performance with lower power consumption.Fueled by 3D applications and gaming demands, Samsung's GDDR5 memory solutions are designed to achieve high data rate providing the perfect environment for the graphic applications. By selecting Samsung GDDR5, graphics system can increase the number of frames viewed per second. The more frames seen, the more natural the movements in games appear to the player.Graphics card performance is expanding rapidly to accommodate 3D graphics and 4K resolution; however, power also has been increased. When usage goes up, power is increased which necessitates a larger power supply, usually at higher cost. Samsung GDDR5 consumes less than the power of GDDR3 under the same performance parameters. By selecting Samsung GDDR5, gamers can play longer with the same battery thanks to the GDDR5’s low power attributes.