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Registration Date 8 Jun 2016

Consumer DRAM


Electronics Memories Product Number : K4A4G165WE

Ram (Random Access Memory)


Smart TV Digital Still/Video Cameras Set Top Box Gaming Console
Gaming Console Digital Still/Video Cameras Set Top Box Smart TV


Density: 4Gb Organization: 256Mx16 Speed: PB, RC Package: 96FBGA

Density: 4Gb Speed: PB, RC Package: 96FBGA Organization: 256Mx16

Manufacturer's Description

DDR4 offers excellent performance, while enabling high-speed operations, low energy consumption and greater reliability. Samsung disproved the assertion that DRAM has reached an evolutionary wall with DDR4, which can run at a speed of 2,133 Mbps, well beyond the existing memory limit of 1,866 Mbps. Clearly, DDR4 performs well beyond previous generations of memory. Because it can operate at such a high speed, system performance is improved nearly 15%. DDR4 features advanced DRAM design technology, therefore, Samsung has been able to significantly improve its speed, while reducing noise levels. A key strength of DDR4 is that it reduces power consumption 24% compared to DDR3, by operating at a voltage of 1.2 V and adopting a Pseudo Open Drain interface. This means that, even with its increased performance, DDR4 boasts lower power consumption. In addition to power and performance improvements, DDR4’s reliability has improved significantly. DDR4 is designed to call attention to errors that occur during data transfer so that they can be resolved.