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Consumer DRAM


Electronics Memories Product Number : K4B1G1646G

Ram (Random Access Memory)

Manufacturer's Description

Consumer DRAM is designed specifically for use in consumer electronic devices, such as digital TVs, DVD players/recorders, set-top boxes, digital still and video cameras, hard disk drives, printers, storage and networking equipment, automotive appliances, and many others. DRAM is the de-facto memory deployed in virtually all high-end digital consumer and industrial applications in use today, with different versions of consumer DRAM, such as SDRAM, DDR DRAM, DDR2 DRAM, and DDR3 DRAM, being utilized in such applications. The range of devices in the consumer DRAM segment is accompanied by an analogous range for the industrial segment. Such devices have advanced features, such as capabilities to withstand much wider operating temperatures, and higher fluctuations in supply voltages. 

Data organization, density, data rate/pin, bandwidth, connection interfaces, clocking and strobing mechanisms, power supply voltages, and available packages are some of the key characteristics of any consumer DRAM. As one of the world’s leading suppliers and innovators in memory technology, Samsung has been among the first to provide the broadest range of DRAM memory solutions for the widest portfolio of today’s consumer and industrial applications. Samsung consumer DRAM is available in varying capacities and densities for an extensive range of application segments, in both commercial and industrial temperature versions, with support for Normal, Low Power, and Super Low Power operating modes.SPECIFICATIONS


Production StatusMass ProductionDensity1GbOrganization64Mx16Refresh8K/64msSpeedH9, K0, MA, NBPowerC, Y, I, PBank/ Interface8B/SSTL_1.5Package96FBGAApplicationSmart TV, Digital Still/Video Cameras, Set Top Box, Gaming Console