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Registration Date 12 Jun 2016

Low Power Programmable Impact Sensor and Recorder


Electronics Sensor Product Number : ADIS16240



Crash or impact detection Condition monitoring of valuable goods Safety, shut-off sensing Impact event recording Security sensing and tamper detection
Security Alarm System Condition monitoring Impact detection Crash detection


Digital triple-axis accelerometer, ±19 g Programmable event recorder Internal and external trigger inputs Low power operation Sleep mode current: 100 μA Continuous sampling current: 1 mA, 1 kSPS Wake-up and record function External trigger input and SPI trigger command Peak acceleration sample-and-hold Peak XYZ sum-of-squares output 1600 Hz (X, Y) and 550 Hz (Z) sensor bandwidth Digitally controlled bias correction Digitally controlled sample rate, up to 4096 SPS Programmable alarms for condition monitoring Programmable digital input/output lines Data-ready output and alarm indicator output See data sheet for additional features

High Resonance Frequency Digital Wireless Vibration

Manufacturer's Description

Analog Devices accelerometers and iSensor® MEMS accelerometer subsystems provide accurate detection while measuring acceleration, tilt, shock, and vibration in performance driven application. Our portfolio leads the industry in power, noise, bandwidth, and temperature specifications, and offers a range of MEMS sensor and signal conditioning integration on chip. Our MEMS-based Circuits from the Lab® reference designs have been built and tested by ADI experts to help you jumpstart your next system design.The ADIS16240 is a fully integrated digital shock detection and recorder system. It combines industry-leading iMEMS® technology with a signal processing solution that optimizes dynamic perfor-mance for low power applications. The triple-axis sensing element enables shock measurement in all directions, eliminating the need for additional sensors and complex mechanical structures for many applications. The digital serial peripheral interface (SPI) uses four wires and is compatible with most processor platforms. The SPI interface provides access to sensor data and a set of config-uration registers that control such operational parameters as offset bias correction, sample rate, sleep mode, peak detection, and event capture.The programmable event recorder offers two trigger modes. The internal mode monitors continuous sampled data and triggers the capture, based on the user-defined threshold. The external mode uses the two comparator inputs and a user-defined threshold to trigger the event captures. This function also provides user configuration controls for capture length, pretrigger data, and data storage. Each event is stored with a header that captures temperature, power supply, and time. Several power management features, including sleep mode and a wake-up function, enable power optimization with respect to specific mechanical system requirements.
<> The ADIS16240 is available in a 12 mm × 12 mm laminate-based ball grid array (BGA) that meets IPC/JEDEC standards for Pb-free solder reflow processing (J-STD-020C and J-STD-033).