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Registration Date 12 Jun 2016

High Accuracy, Dual-Axis Digital Inclinometer and Accelerometer


Electronics Sensor Product Number : ADIS16209



Platform control, stabilization, and alignment Tilt sensing, inclinometers, leveling Motion/position measurement Monitor/alarm devices (security, medical, safety) Navigation
Platform control Tilt sensing Leveling Alarm devices Navigation


Dual-mode inclinometer system Dual-axis, horizontal operation, ±90° Single-axis, vertical operation, ±180° High accuracy, 0.1° Digital inclination data, 0.025° resolution Digital acceleration data, 0.244 mg resolution ±1.7 g accelerometer measurement range Digital temperature sensor output Digitally controlled bias calibration Please see data sheet for additional features.

High Resonance Frequency Digital Wireless Vibration

Manufacturer's Description

Analog Devices accelerometers and iSensor® MEMS accelerometer subsystems provide accurate detection while measuring acceleration, tilt, shock, and vibration in performance driven application. Our portfolio leads the industry in power, noise, bandwidth, and temperature specifications, and offers a range of MEMS sensor and signal conditioning integration on chip. Our MEMS-based Circuits from the Lab® reference designs have been built and tested by ADI experts to help you jumpstart your next system design.
The ADIS16209 is a high accuracy, digital inclinometer that accommodates both single-axis (±180°) and dual-axis (±90°) operation. The standard supply voltage (3.3 V) and serial peripheral interface (SPI) enable simple integration into most industrial system designs. A simple internal register structure handles all output data and configuration features. This includes access to the following output data: calibrated acceleration, accurate incline angles, power supply, internal temperature, auxiliary analog and digital input signals, diagnostic error flags, and programmable alarm conditions.Configurable operating parameters include sample rate, power management, digital filtering, auxiliary analog and digital output, offset/null adjustment, and self-test for sensor mechanical structure.
The ADIS16209 is available in a 9.2 mm × 9.2 mm × 3.9 mm LGA package that operates over a temperature range of −40°C to +125°C. It can be attached using standard RoHS-compliant solder reflow processes.