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Registration Date 12 Jun 2016

Programmable 360° Inclinometer


Electronics Sensor Product Number : ADIS16203



Tilt sensing, inclinometers Platform control, stabilization, and leveling Motion/position measurement Monitor/alarm devices (security, medical, safety) Robotic
Platform control Tilt sensing Leveling Position measurement Robotics


0° to 360° Inclinometer ±180 output format option 14-bit digital inclination outputs Linear output, 0.025° resolution 12-bit digital temperature sensor output Digitally controlled bias calibration Digitally controlled sample rate Digitally controlled filtering Digitally controlled direction/orientation Dual alarm settings with rate/threshold limits Auxiliary digital I/O Digitally activated self test Digitally activated low power mode SPI®-compatible serial interface Auxiliary 12-bit ADC input and DAC output Single-supply operation:3.0V to 3.6V 3500 g powered shock survivability

High Resonance Frequency Digital Wireless Vibration

Manufacturer's Description

Analog Devices accelerometers and iSensor® MEMS accelerometer subsystems provide accurate detection while measuring acceleration, tilt, shock, and vibration in performance driven application. Our portfolio leads the industry in power, noise, bandwidth, and temperature specifications, and offers a range of MEMS sensor and signal conditioning integration on chip. Our MEMS-based Circuits from the Lab® reference designs have been built and tested by ADI experts to help you jumpstart your next system design.The ADIS16203 is a complete incline-angle measurement system in a single compact package enabled by the Analog Devices, Inc., iSensor™ integration. By enhancing the Analog Devices iMEMS® sensor technology with an embedded signal processing solution, the ADIS16203 provides factory-calibrated, sensor-to-digital incline-angle data in a convenient format that can be accessed using a serial peripheral interface (SPI). The SPI interface provides access to multiple measurements: 360° linear inclination angles, ±180° linear incline angles, temperature, power supply, and one auxiliary analog input. Easy access to calibrated digital sensor data provides developers with a system-ready device, reducing development time, cost, and program risk.
Unique characteristics of the end system are accommodated easily through several built-in features, such as a single-command offset calibration, along with convenient sample rate and band-width control.
The ADIS16203 offers the following embedded features that eliminate the need for external circuitry and provide a simplified system interface:
Configurable alarm functionAuxiliary 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC)Auxiliary 12-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC)Configurable digital I/O portDigital self-test functionThe ADIS16203 offers two power management features for managing system-level power dissipation: low power mode and a configurable shutdown feature.The ADIS16203 is available in a 9.2 mm × 9.2 mm × 3.9 mm laminate-based land grid array (LGA) package with a temper-ature range of −40°C to +125°C.