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Registration Date 12 Jun 2016

Programmable Dual-Axis Inclinometer / Accelerometer


Electronics Sensor Product Number : ADIS16201



Platform Stabilization and Leveling Tilt Sensing, Inclinometers Motion / Position Measurement Monitor / Alarm Devices (Security, Medical, Safety
Platform control Tilt sensing Leveling Position measurement Alarm devices


Dual-axis inclinometer/accelerometer measurements ±90° inclinometer measurement range, linear output 12-bit digital temperature sensor output Digitally controlled sensitivity and bias calibration Digitally controlled sample rate Digitally controlled frequency response Dual alarm settings with rate/threshold limits Digitally activated self test Digitally activated low power mode SPI®-compatible serial interface Auxiliary 12-bit ADC input and DAC output Single-supply operation: 3.0 V to +3.6 V

High Resonance Frequency Digital

Manufacturer's Description

The ADIS16201 is a complete, dual-axis acceleration and inclination angle measurement system available in a single compact package enabled by ADI’s iSensorTM integration. By enhancing ADI's iMEMS® sensor technology with an embedded signal processing solution, the ADIS16201 provides factory calibrated and tunable digital sensor data in a convenient format that can be accessed using a simple SPI serial interface. The SPI interface provides access to measurements of the following parameters: dual-axis linear acceleration, dual-axis linear inclination angle, temperature, power supply and one auxiliary analog input. Easy access to calibrated digital sensor data provides developers with a system-ready device, reducing development time, cost and program risk.Unique characteristics of the end system can be easily accommodated via several built-in features including an auto-zero recalibration via a single register command, as well as configurable sample rate and frequency response.
The ADIS16201 also offers a comprehensive set of features which can be used to further reduce the hardware complexity of system designs. These integrated features include a configurable alarm function, auxiliary 12-bit ADC, auxiliary 12-bit DAC, configurable digital I/O port, and a digital self test function. The ADIS16201 offers two different power management features that can be enabled via the SPI port; a programmable duty cycle sleep mode for systmes that do not require continuous operation and a low power mode for systems that can trade reduced sample rates for more efficient power operation.
The ADIS16201 is available in a 9.2mm x 9.2mm x 4mm Land Grid Array (LGA) package with a temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.