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Registration Date 12 Jun 2016

±450°/Sec Precision Angular Rate Sensor


Electronics Sensor Product Number : ADIS16136



Precision instrumentation Platform stabilization and control Industrial vehicle navigation Downhole instrumentation Robotics
Platform control Navigation Robotics Downhole instrumentation


Digital gyroscope system, ±450°/sec measurement range In-run bias stability, 4°/hour Autonomous operation and data collection - No external configuration commands required - Start-up time: 180 ms; sleep mode recovery: 2.5 ms Factory calibrated sensitivity and bias Calibration temperature range: −40°C to + 70°C SPI-compatible serial interface Wide bandwidth: 380 Hz Embedded temperature sensor See datasheet for additional features


Manufacturer's Description

The ADIS16136 iSensor® MEMS Gyroscope is a high performance, digital gyroscope sensing system that operates autonomously and requires no user configuration to produce accurate rate sensing data. It provides performance advantages with low noise density, wide bandwidth, and excellent in-run bias stability, which are enabling for applications such as platform control, navigation, robotics, and medical instrumentation.
This sensor system combines industry leading iMEMS® technology with signal conditioning that optimizes dynamic performance. The factory calibration characterizes the entire sensor signal chain for sensitivity and bias over a temperature range of −40°C to +85°C. As a result, each ADIS16136 has its own unique correction formulas to produce accurate measurements upon installation. For some systems, the factory calibration eliminates the need for system level calibration and greatly simplifies it for others.
The ADIS16136 provides data at rates of up to 2048 SPS and offers an averaging/decimation filter structure for optimizing noise/bandwidth trade-offs. The serial peripheral interface (SPI) and user register structure provide easy access to configuration controls and calibrated sensor data for embedded processor platforms.
The 36 mm × 44 mm × 14 mm package provides four holes for simple mechanical attachment, using M2 (or 2-56 standard size) machine screws along with a standard 24-pin, dual row, 1 mm pitch connector that supports electrical attachment to a printed circuit board (PCB) or cable system. The ADIS16136 provides an operating temperature range of −40°C to +85°C.