Registration Date 13 Jun 2016

High Performance Wide Bandwidth iMEMS® Accelerometer


Electronics Sensor Product Number : ADXL001



Vibration monitoring Shock detection Sports diagnostic equipment Medical instrumentation Industrial monitoring
Ideal for Wireless Handsets, PDAs, and other mobile devices Instrumentation Personal Navigation Devices Vibration monitoring


High Performance Accelerometer ±70 g, ±250 g, and ±500 g wideband ranges available 22 kHz resonant frequency structure High linearity: 0.2% of full scale Low noise: 4 mg/√Hz Sensitive axis in the plane of the chip Frequency response down to dc Full differential signal processing High resistance to EMI/RFI Complete electromechanical self-test Output ratiometric to supply Velocity preservation during acceleration input overload Low power consumption: 2.5 mA typical 8-terminal, hermetic ceramic, LCC package

Digital Accelerometer

Manufacturer's Description

The ADXL001 is a major advance over previous generations of accelerometers providing high performance and wide bandwidth. This part is ideal for industrial, medical, and military applications where wide bandwidth, small size, low power, and robust performance are essential.

Using Analog Devices, Inc. proprietary fifth-generation iMEMs® process enables the ADXL001 to provide the desired dynamic range that extends from ±70 g to ±500 g in combination with 22 kHz of bandwidth. The accelerometer output channel passes through a wide bandwidth differential-to-single-ended converter, which allows access to the full mechanical performance of the sensor.

The part can operate on voltage supplies from 3.3 V to 5 V.

The ADXL001 also has a self-test (ST) pin that can be asserted to verify the full electromechanical signal chain for the accelerometer channel.

The ADXL001 is available in the industry-standard 8-terminal LCC and is rated to work over the extended industrial temperature range (−40°C to +125°C).