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Fair Vital Colloidal silver 500ppm - 30ml non-ionic


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Silver supplement


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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4

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When buying colloidal silver is always that it does not concern ionic silver, because this is health less valuable. Chemically, a silver ion is an atom, which is missing an electron. The silver ions are produced by electrolysis and can be understood as "dissolved silver". These products are often referred to as "electro-colloids", which is not scientifically correct. Ionic silver is either water clear or slightly yellow. It is not a colloidal silver. Silver ions combine in the human body, for example with chlorine ions to silver chloride. The specific properties of the silver will be lost. Silver chloride is a compound which can not be dismantled from the human body and excreted difficult. Typical indicator has a pale complexion, since the silver chloride is deposited under the skin. Most silver products contain ionic silver because it is simple and inexpensive to manufacture. Genuine silver colloid produce is a difficult, complicated and expensive process. It's no secret why most producers opt for to produce ionic silver instead Colloidalsilber and it is easy to call colloidal silver. Fortunately, more and more buyers know the difference: If it looks like water, it is ionic silver, not a true silver colloid. The easiest connection with real colloidal silver between color and concentration. That is, the higher the concentration, the more intense the staining. This ranges from yellowish to brown. Our Colloidal Silver is 500ppm with high doses and thus has a brown color - is true colloidal silver, it does not contain silver ions. Genuine colloidal silver consists of tiny nanoparticles of metallic silver. The atoms are complete, therefore have no electric charge and can not combine with other elements. Colloidal silver particles can be excreted by the body and accumulate not in. These small particles of colloidal silver genuine are usually already absorbed in the mouth, stomach and intestines. Therefore, it is important to use highly concentrated colloidal silver, in order to ensure that it arrives in the lower intestinal tract and there destroyed unwanted bacteria. In ionic form silver looks for a binding partner (usually chloride from HCl) and is no longer able to kill bacteria.