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Sunpentown SO-2002


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Carbon nanofiber

C Nanofiber


- Capable of reaching 392°F in 10 minutes - Deep heat penetration & instant heating - NO DEFROSTING NECESSARY - Reduces cooking time by up to 30% - 30% energy efficiency - Emits 3um to 20um FIR wavelength to retain moisture (up to 15% more) - FIR wavelength penetrates 3 to 5 cm into hypoderm for low fat cooking - Heatproof tempered glass (up to 365°F variance) - Cooks and browns food evenly and quickly, retaining nutrients - Sears meat quickly on the outside, sealing juices inside - Instant response to manual temperature changes - Glass bowl by Pyrex (Corning) or Arcopal - 2000 RPM motor - Two fans for quick and even heat distribution - No soot or unsavory smoke produced - Digital control with display and safety handle switch - Temperature range: 158 ~ 482°F (70 ~ 250°C) - Cook timer: 5 ~ 60 minutes - Preset timer: 1 ~ 12 hours - Includes 2 racks and tong

Energy Consumption Reduction

Manufacturer's Description

Nano-Carbon Fiber and FIR (Far Infrared) heating element is the newest in heating technology. It has the capability of reaching 1832°F in one second, while traditional heating elements average 1,292°F in three minutes. Reinforced by quartz glass for fast heat conduction and radiation. Emits FIR wavelengths of 3um to 20um. 
Sunpentown SO-2002 is one of the first convection ovens to incorporate Nano-Carbon Fiber and FIR heating element.