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Revive Health Immune Supplement


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Immunity Improvement Cell Hydration

Manufacturer's Description

This Nano Nutritional Supplement supports improved cellular immune function and cellular hydration. The Revive Health Immune Formula was designed to provide particular assistance to cellular strength and ability to resist viral and bacterial attacks. Nutrients that cells use to operate at maximum capability are included in this spectacular water. The Immune Formula has been used to support improved ability to resist internal infections or recovery from illness. Users have reported shorter, milder colds: reduced symptoms in flu: avoidance of illness when other family members are ill: increased allergy resistance: and faster illness recovery. When your cell activity is strong from good hydration they can expel waste and toxins effectively. When they are weak (de-hydrated) and have insufficient fuel (nutrition), they are unable to complete their energy cycles. Toxins are slow to be expelled and if a virus has invaded the cell, the toxins increase and weaken your immune response. Feed your cells for immunity health - keep yourself strong and healthy! Contents: 1 - one gallon container. (Be sure to order a pump!)