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3rd Party Certification of CBD content and Safety. 100% sourced from certified European hemp strains and grown to strict organic standards. · 50-State Legal with no psychoactive ingredients · This combination of Sweet CBD Drops and Hydrosome CBD is the most potent and fast-acting CBD supplement available. · All natural ingredients – the full-entourage RedStrap CBD oil gently bonded through the BioXTRax process with 100% organic pure vegetable glycerin, with ultra-purified water. · If you are looking for the amazing natural benefits of CBD, Dose of Nature’s products give you the best chance of positive results. · Quality passionately matters to us. If it matters to you, trust Dose of Nature CBD.

Natural Material Bioavailable Turmeric Rapid Absorption of Water

Manufacturer's Description

The Nano CBD Shooter 1X is hands-down, the most amazing Cannabidiol product on the market, taking advantage of multiple new technologies to deliver a potent and truly unique natural CBD supplement which is rapidly bioavailable, no harsh taste, and water soluble, while still maintaining the balance of the full entourage effect of natural hemp extract.
CBD 1-2 PunchThe Nano CBD Shooter 1X has 288 mg of CBD using two very unique technologies -
BioXTrax Concentrates - a proprietary technology which creates a concentrated RedStrap CBD glycerin extract through a complex, multistage bonding process.   The result is the full-bodied, Sweet CBD, which is naturally silky sweet, easy to digest, tastes great, and is water soluble, while still being low-glycemic for concerned individuals.Hydrosome - this exclusive technology allows for the synergistic nano-amplification effect of CBD.  With this technology, CBD is nano-sized down to 3 nanometers, roughly the diameter of your DNA. The CBD is then embedded in micro-clusters of ultra-purified water.  These CBD Hydrosomes are easily absorbed into your body and into your cells, providing amplified effect of the CBD along with advanced cellular hydration. The result is the Dose of Nature Nano CBD Shooter 1X,  the first-of-its-kind product which provides you with both a macro dose of CBD in the BioXTrax CBD as well as the potent nano Hydrosome CBD.   This product is rapidly absorbed in the stomach, can easily be mixed with other drinks or flavored, and hits the system like no other CBD product.