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ImmunoNutrients, in combination with a well-balanced diet, provides a steady intake of all the necessary vitamins and minerals to establish and support a health immune system to fight disease. The ability of the immune system to prevent infection and disease is strongly influenced by our nutritional status. In addition to macronutrients, deficiencies in certain micronutrients (vitamins and nutritionally-essential minerals) adversely affect both the innate and adaptive immune systems. These micronutrients play crucial roles in the development and expression of the immune response, and certain micronutrient deficiencies lead to immunosuppression and increased susceptibility to infection and disease. Infection and illness can, in turn, exacerbate states of malnutrition in many different ways, for example, by reducing nutrient intake, impairing nutrient absorption, increasing nutrient losses, or altering the body's metabolism such that nutrient requirements are increased. Eating a healthful diet and taking a daily multivitamin-mineral supplement as nutritional insurance will help to maintain optimal immune function. ImmunoNutrients will help protect against infection and disease, and help you develop optimal immune function naturally.

Immunity Improvement Natural Material Rapid Absorption of Water

Manufacturer's Description

Our immune system protects us against bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing organisms, as well as helps to defend us against a myriad of health problems such as arthritis allergies, abnormal cell development and cancers.  It is an efficient, but complex shield against disease.  Research recently has now clearly demonstrated that good nutrition is essential to a robust, modulated immune system.    
ImmunoNutrients was specifically designed for metabolically-stressed people, to provide nutritional support, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, and immune-modulating nutrients to help build a healthy immune system to fight disease and chronic conditions.  ImmunoNutrients encapsulates these nutrients in a sophisticated delivery method called Hydrosomes.  The ImmunoNutrients are able rapidly and easily absorbed into cells, as well as providing advanced cellular hydration to increase the function and detoxification of cells throughout the entire body
Scientists have concluded that nutrition and other factors are critical to the establishment and maintenance of a healthy functional immune system.  They recognize the crucial role that nutrition plays in supporting immune function.  The new frontier of nutrition research lies in the application of micronutrients to support immune function in the body.  Modulating the immune response with supplements has become a reality.