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Omega-3 EHA-rich diets have been linked to heart, brain, nerve and vision health. By incorporating MeadowPure™ organic flax seeds, Vitamins B6, B12, E and D3, folic acid and SuperSorb® into NanOmega3™ we have created a supplement formulated to support: · Mental focus and memory · Healthy mood · Maintenance of normal optimal cholesterol and triglyceride levels · Healthy skin and hair · Maintenance of optimal blood pressure · Healthy cardio-vascular system · Visual acuity · Healthy joints and bones · Gastro-intestinal health · Balanced immune system · Healthy prostate and breast cells NanOmega3, Golden Flax, Vegan DHA and Synergistic Vitamins is a unique formulation supplying omega 3 fatty acids both as ALA from organic flaxseed and DHA from marine algae (not fish). This unique addition of DHA to the flax is very important as the short chain omega 3 alpha linolenic acid (ALA) can be moderately well converted to the long chain EPA, but ALA is very poorly converted to DHA, so important to eye, brain and heart health. NanOmega3 is the first functional food powder mix to provide multiple flaxseed benefits, while supplementing DHA at the same time.

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Manufacturer's Description

Ever have minor aches and pains? How about chronic joint pain? That's inflamation. Has your health care provider told you that you need to increase your intake of omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA's) or told you to add wild, fatty fish to your diet? If you don't want to eat (more) fatty fish or need a great vegan alternative to fish oil, you can still get the omega-3 EFA's with the great-tasting Vegan NanOmega3, the heart, brain and vision superfood from BioPharma Scientific. NanOmega3 is a bright orange pineapple flavor and blends easy in just a shaker cup and cold water or unsweetened almond milk.